Trend is one thing, quality is the other.

Over the years, we have been trusted branded personal shopper. And we know handbags very well.

We understand fashion and value. We are sharing gems we found along the way.

Welcome to Vaughn La Vie


Being personal shopper, with branded handbags coming in and out every week, we know what customer want. Famous design, great quality, value for money! For Vaughn La Vie, we research, study, shortlist and evaluate our resources. Some make good bags, some make outstanding bags.

We pick the most fabulous.


We aim to make women feel safe with their choice. As they know, we already made the screening beforehand.
With our wide networks overseas, we intend to brought in variety of great value handbags. We envision to be the most favorite store where women turns to when it comes to handbags.


Before we brought in any bag under Vaughn La Vie label, we will do trend screen. Study on the latest trend and current market obsession. We then survey handbags from various sources, bought some sample and validate its quality.  Our sources are mostly international country namely United States, European and Asian Countries.

We keep all at bare minimum. With minimal cost on our side, we will be able to offer great value pieces to our customers.


Our Headquarters is a SOHO unit at Trefoil, Setia City. Our unit is on high floor, overlooking the city of Setia Alam. You can schedule an appointment to our Head Quarters. Please contact us for more information.


Do you sell handbags online? Or do you have a retail fashion shop? We are looking for enthusiastic distributor and we do offer bulk purchase for interested parties. Contact us for more information.